This clock was designed as a dark adapted functional homage to two wrist watches and the computer onboard the Saturn V rockets, all playing their part in mankind’s exploration of space.

The OMEGA SPEEDMASTER, of 5 watches from different brands submitted to NASA, only this model survived the vigorous testing and went on to be worn on the moon! This clock features its stopwatch and tachymeter.

The OMEGA SPEEDMASTER SKYWALKER X-33, this both analogue and digital watch was developed for the European Space Agency to assist astronauts in planning their mission tasks. This clock bundles in the majority of its functions.

The SATURN V GUIDANCE COMPUTER used a system of Verbs and Nouns, this clock has been programmed so that each function is assigned a verb, each function then has 8 nouns (variables) available to it. The clock automatically knows the correct set of nouns to use by the function that is currently selected.

I’ve found it very useful myself to count down to rocket launches, which are usually advertised in eastern or universal time.

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