About Me:

Darren Long

location Based in Kent, UK

I’m not you’re stereotypical coffee and pizza consuming computer programmer, as with all of my hobbies I am completely self-taught, for me programming isn’t a nine till five norm to pay the bills, it’s an interest that I enthusiastically pursue and continually strive to gain a better understanding of. I started out at primary school age by reading and editing the source code of websites. I then went on to study various books to gain an understanding of not only the languages but how to structure my software correctly, I found work in the I.T industry and went on to be a co-founder of a successful business based in London where my role revolves around the design and implementation of managed print solutions. I have gradually built up a good spectrum of knowledge on various programming languages and tools including:

Web Languages:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Windows Programming Languages and Tools:

C, C++, AutoIT, MMB, Batch Files

Game Programming Languages and Tools:

YoYo Game Maker Studio, PSYQ (PlayStation Development)

Graphics and 3D Packages:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, MS 3D Builder, Cura


Endeavour is a rocket that I built with a small camera mounted within the body and subsequently launched via software that I’d written running on a laptop to an altitude of 2000 ft. The software count down timer operated relays in my launch controller hardware to both test continuity of the rockets igniter and then finally launch the rocket. Once launched the mission elapsed timer would record the duration of the flight. Since that first flight I’ve refined the launch controller hardware and built a data-logger that sits in the top of the rocket to record altitude / speed and controls the camera.


PitPad is an application that benefits anyone from an amateur track day enthusiast through to small racing teams in managing their sessions. It effectively replaces traditional paper chassis setup sheets and has the added benefit of computer calculations and the ability to attach files to setup sheets, these could include telemetry data files and video footage from the session. It includes track layouts for all UK circuits.

Drift Physics

Drift Physics is a drifting game where the player is pitched against a computer generated opponent in a mixture of fictional and near real world locations made from blends of aerial photos. The object of the game is to win as many points as possible and not to lose points by hitting obstacles.

Other projects I have created many of my own software projects for non-profit over the years. I have also created GUI Simulators and a basic Document Management System with links to partner’s portals for my business. From the age of 12 I have created numerous websites for various companies and individuals. Check out my Blog page for information on many more of my projects.

Bespoke Windows Applications include:

Front-Ends, Console Applications, Automation of Tasks, Data Entry & Basic Document Management, File & Folder Management, CSV Data Manipulation, SQL database Front Ends, Data Validation, Timers and Counters, Calculators, Simulators, Webcam Capture and Motion Detection, TCP/IP Communication, Remote Computer Control via HTTP, Simple Games, Data Input from Mag or Contactless cards, Bar Codes & Sensors, Electronic Control via USB and Ability to Build Hardware, Arduino Building and Programming.

Have an Interesting Project?

I’d appreciate the opportunity to offer my skills to individuals and small businesses, coding for cash outside of my career to help fund my hobby. Contact me to discuss your project further, I may be able to create a bespoke software package for you. Additionally I can also supply hardware and 3D design and print.

Want More from DarrenLongDev?

Software and source code available from GitHub.

3D print files can be downloaded from Thingiverse.