Discovery – We’ll start with a discussion so that I can get an understanding of your requirements.

Feasibility – From your requirements I will look at how feasible it would be for me to take on your project, sometimes a compromise may be needed to make the seemingly impossible possible. Other times I may have to decline the work as it would be more suited to a programmer who specializes in a different field to myself.

Quote – Before starting any work I will create a document and send it to you for your approval. This will include a description of the project, a quote of cost and the acceptance criteria (a set of goals that the finished program must achieve to be deemed complete).

Coding – Once you are happy with the quote the coding begins.

Proof – On completion I can provide proof of the application working via a remote desktop.

Deployment – On receipt of payment a digital download of your completed software will be available. To provide transparency over my work an application report will be provided including information about the application and a detailed timesheet. Source code will not be supplied unless otherwise agreed.

Cost – Negotiable depending upon the scale of the project but typically £25 per hour.

Change Requests – The same approach will be followed for any change requests and source code from the original project will be kept by myself so that required changes can be easily implemented into the original code.