Since my previous rocket launch I’ve been working on a new version of the rocket, which is a 2 stage rocket propelled by D9-0 motor in stage 1 and a D9-7 motor in stage 2.

The parachute system from the previous launch has been swapped for a mylar system this time which will bring the rocket back to earth much faster. This will allow me to use a smaller launch site as the rocket will not travel so far down wind.

The launch controller hardware has been redesigned since the last launch and has been succesfully tested.

The launch controller software has also been reprogramed to work with the new timings.

I’ve built an onboard computer with integrated video camera which logs speed and altitude data to a micro SD card and video to another micro SD card. An Arduino is employed as the processor, taking readings from the altitude sensor and controlling the operation of the camera.

I’ve had help from a couple of my work colleagues around the control of the integrated camera, and the building of the rockets fins and motor mounts.