With more and more requests for both 3D design and print, I’ve recently started making some of my designs available on eBay under the name HSL Designs, named after my wife, who’s been the inspiration for the majority of the designs as many have been for her dolls houses! Currently offering mainly 1/24th dolls house items and RC Car parts but I will continue to offer more designs as they are created and tested.

Please see our Website or our Facebook page for items we currently have available and to contact us for custom requests. Additionally some items may also appear on my eBay page.

If you have purchased one of my designs, then I’m always appreciative of photos of them in use. Feel free to send them to darrenlongdev@gmail.com.

If you have an outstanding balance to pay, this can be done via my PayPal, https://paypal.me/darrenlongdev/.