A number of my projects revolve around my home observatory, Grassmere Observatory, where I capture mostly lunar and solar images, or involve building and controlling a vehicle with the primary task ariel photography and data collection from high altitude. Video’s can be found on my YouTube page. Additionally my server is connected to the Einstein@Home project and nightly processes radio telescope data from various sources to search for weak astrophysical signals from pulsars. The following collection of photo’s were taken from these projects. Click on individual photos for a full resolution version.

The Moon and Mars observed on 07/09/2020.

The Sun observed in white light on 31/07/2020, the hottest day of the year, showing two sun spots, one top right, the other less visible bottom left.

The moon in Waxing Gibbous phase observed on 07/03/2020.

The moon observed at midday on 21/09/2019.

The sun with a sun spot visible, observed through a white light filter on 14/05/2019.

The moon in Waxing Gibbous phase observed on 14/04/2019.

The M20 motorway with the M26 branching from it, observed on 04/01/2017 from around 2000ft via the onboard camera on my Endeavour rocket.